Admission Procedure

The Students who are desirous of seeking admission in IMAGE must submit the filled in application form through Internet within 15 days from date of publication of Results. They must submit their application from by ticking 1st preference as IMAGE SCIENCE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL in the choice list of

Eligibility: Any student passed 10th Board Exam-2021 (BSE/CBSE/ICSE/Other) with minimum 60% mark.
Subject Taught

Compulsory Subjects:
English, M.I.L, (Odia/Alt. English/Hindi/Sanskrit- Any one and Environmental Education (1st year only)
Elective Subjects are 1st- Physics, 2nd-Chemistry, 3rd- Mathematics (all the subjects are compulsory)
4th elective subject: Biology (B), Information Technology (IT), (The student is to choose any one of the 4th elective subjects)