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It is closely observed that the price of quality education is on the verge of declining alarmingly the fall-out of which could be attributed to the increasing tempo of globalisation. At this crucial juncture IMAGE consistently strives at providing not only a creative platform to all of our esteemed students dynamism but also repledges to Imbreathe a eco – academic lithosphere accompanied by campus placement drive for the prospective academicians of the college. Last but not the least it would be hardly any suffice to say that our faculty folks are equipped with charisma & innovative know-how to fight for the cause.

At length on behalf of IMAGE fraternity I warmly welcome you all to please step into our own campus located at Satya Vihar, Bhubaneswar wherein you shall enjoy the sophisticated infrastructural requisites .

Thus with malice towards none and charity for all I cannot but invoke all to head this holy shrine of learning towards a pan-optimum peak.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours

B .B Mohapatra